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Quality ...Precision... Machining

At Lavigne Manufacturing, we have focused our purchases upon highly-automated equipment which machine parts in the fewest possible operations. The philosophy allows us to engineer manufacturing methods that are capital intensive rather than labor intensive. This increased efficiency allows Lavigne Manufacturing to deliver high-quality parts, consistently on time, and at competitive prices.

It is not enough to offer great precision in today's competitive global marketplace. Great precision must also come at the right price. Our company strives to deliver both every day. We do this by investing heavily in the latest and most technologically advanced equipment available.
One measure of our quality is reflected by the high number of repeat orders we receive from long-term customers. Our quality assurance program strives to achieve zero-defects on all jobs. Computerized production scheduling ensures that each job proceeds smoothly through engineering, manufacturing, quality assurance, packing and shipping -- all tightly coordinated to meet your critical delivery dates.